Internal Challenges: Human & Business

The employer-employee relationships have changed considerably over the years and many entrepreneurs feel like at the crossroads. However, some things do not change - employees are still the company's most valuable strategic resource. Competition for brilliant talents has grown more than ever, loyalty has become a challenge in the long run, and will salary, modern office, flexible working hours, and technologies be enough to attract and retain the best of the best.

The company's internal culture and communication is an advantage that distinguishes one company from others, and it is the only advantage within the control of the entrepreneur oneself. When building a successful corporate culture, we face challenges both in the company itself and in people. Are the new generations really that different, and working from anywhere in the world is a perpetrator to burnout epidemics?

The conference will have four sections: 

  • Generation Gaps - the myths about the millennials and generation Z. Are they that different from previous generations? 
  • Talent Management - loyalty as a challenge, how to attract and retain the superstars of your industry, when they have been pampered and spoilt by the previous employer? 
  • Internal Challenges and Burnout - what are the real perpetrators of the burnout epidemics? 
  • Corporate Culture - how to use the communication and environment to benefit the people and the business? 

We will discuss these issues in a very good company, and in the following days, we will give you a sneak-peak into what exactly they will be talking about. 


Join the Mi: t & Links "Internal Challenges: Human & Business" conference - the first conference worth attending with half of the board members at least.

Let's meet on March 2, 10:00, Riga, VEF Kultūras pils, Ropažu iela 2, at the annual Mi:t&Links conference "Internal Challenges: Human & Business". Registration from 9:30. 

The entry fee at the conference is 145 EUR + VAT, until February 26. 

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