Conference: The power of communication


March 6, 10:00


Architecture and Media Centre H2O 6, Aisteres iela 2
Ticket price: 140 +VAT
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We have invited 10 brilliant speakers to the annual Mi:t&Links conference representing arts, film, NGO, sports, academic environment and communication. They will come together to talk about the Power of communication, explain how seemingly different industries have lost the borders and merged, showing completely new and empowered communication. Speakers will highlight the shift in communication and the benefits that comes with it. As each industry is facing similar challenges, fused knowledge only enriches every industry and we want to show how the new power works to achieve goals.

Every day our society is facing new and unprecedented challenges. At this very moment communication is on the verge of the fundamental change. The digital disruption we are facing for some time now, leaves undetectable traces on a personal, organizational, national and global level.

The power of communication is growing constantly in different directions. Our daily social agenda is oversaturated with issues concerning politics, economics, environment, technology and continually growing social crisis.

The way society communicates, uses constantly changing channels and tools, presents a whole new era of communication. The borders between personal and organizational communication are quickly vanishing. Now more than ever, an individual is given an enormous power to communicate their views and influence different processes in society. The emerging power also comes with immense responsibility towards other members of society.


Toms Grēviņš

Toms Grēviņš

Radio personality, DJ, one of charity marathon "Dod pieci"

The short guide to the stone age of charity!
Toms Grēviņš will walk us through the lessons he has learned about charity and will tell us about conclusions about how the Latvian society and big corporations perceive it!
Since the beginning of the century, Toms Grēviņš has been the leading and best-known radio presenter in Latvia. Along with his work as a music journalist and TV host, Grevins has developed a distinct signature in DJing.  From 2014 Toms is the main content editor of the charity marathon "Dod Pieci!" which is being organized by Latvian public service broadcasters and has gradually become the biggest charity campaign in Latvia!
Ellen Gunning

Ellen Gunning

Director of the PR Training Academy and the Irish Academy of Public Relations

Storytelling – the power of a visual image

In the fast-paced world of communications, the power of storytelling has become, in effect, the power of visual storytelling. PR audiences are less interested in reading and more interested in quick visual messages which encapsulate the story. Drawing on examples from Ireland, Estonia, Britain and the USA, Ellen Gunning will look at the powerful simplicity of a good visual, and the communications dangers that go hand-in-hand with it.

Ellen Gunning is a director of the PR Training Academy, an online membership organization, which offers bite-sized, communications courses to professionals working in the industry worldwide and SME owners globally.
She is also a director of the Irish Academy of Public Relations (, a specialist communications college with 25+ years’ experience of teaching PR, journalism, event management, radio and television, online, in 6 languages, across 50 countries.
Ellen is currently chairman of 103.2 Dublin City fm radio station (, director of the Irish Academy of Public Relations and a member of the executive council of the European Association of Distance Learning (

Raul Arantes

Raul Arantes

Creative Director for TBWA Singapore

The Power of Narrow

How thinking narrow is more powerful than ever today. Although communication has become more powerful, audiences also are more and more fragmented all over the world.

Raul Arantes is an award-winning creative director, photographer and visual artist. He works with advertising agencies and design studios, lifestyle brands and people to craft exceptional work that communicates both visually and strategically. Currently based in Singapore working as Creative Director for TBWA.
Dr. Ana Adi

Dr. Ana Adi

Professor of Public Relations - Consultant - Speaker - Moderator - Researcher

We are all activists: making the case for corporate activism

"Activism and corporate communications are the biggest enemies. This talk challenges participants to consider that everyone, including communicators, are activists and thus work towards identifying what qualifies as activism and what are the boundaries between communicating purpose and values and woke-washing."

Ana Adi is a Professor of Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, the chair of the Digital Communication Awards, and the host of the Women in PR podcast (on SoundCloud, iTunes and more). When not writing about what communicators can learn from protests and social movements, Dr Adi focuses on mid-term solutions for the professionalization and future-proofing of communicators. She also speaks often about the measurement and evaluation of communication, and storytelling.
Originally from Romania, Dr Adi obtained her doctorate from the University of the West of Scotland and has worked and studied in the USA, U.K., Belgium, Thailand and Bahrain. (or @ana_adi on twitter)

Kristaps Pētersons

Kristaps Pētersons

Presentation master

The Power of Showing Emotions on Stage
“We don’t need yet another PowerPoint presentation!” and “Death by PowerPoint” are just a few expressions I’m hearing as presentation master in my daily routine. Somehow the majority of presenters suddenly stop being regular human beings when they step on that stage and open their mouths in that very spotlight. It feels sometimes that the stage sucks out all positive emotions and they’re replaced by fear and shame. Well, it doesn’t need to be like that if you are aware of a few useful tricks on how to drop just the right amount of that positive YOU in front of an audience. Listen to my presentation to learn about the power of opening yourself up emotionally on probably one of the scariest places on the Earth - the stage.

Presentation master Kristaps Petersons is an expert on persuasive high-stakes presentation methods. He’s a consultant, slide designer and keynote speaker. Kristaps is the Creative Director at presentation agency Nimega, co-founder of Presentation Guild (U.S.) and a Member of the Board in pan-European presentation professionals’ network “StandOut”. His clients are organizations and governments in seven countries. Previously he was an award-winning journalist who worked in national and for international (CNN, BBC, Bloomberg LP, LeMonde, etc) news media.

Steven Heywood

Steven Heywood

General Manager and CEO of Edelman Amsterdam

The Edelman Trust Barometer 2020

The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that despite a strong global economy and near full employment, none of the four societal institutions that the study measures—government, business, NGOs and media—is trusted. The cause of this paradox can be found in people’s fears about the future and their role in it, which are a wake-up call for our institutions to embrace a new way of effectively building trust: balancing competence with ethical behavior.

Steven is General Manager and CEO of Edelman Amsterdam. He is an expert in reputation management with over 15 years' broad experience of integrated communications, media relations and crisis management, with deep sector expertise in energy, retail and tech.  At Edelman he is responsible for building an agency where everyone can give their best and where we have a relentless focus on delivery of highly integrated, effective communications marketing that helps clients evolve, promote and protect their brands.
Steven began his career in the UK Ministry of Defence as a parliamentary officer and has worked in-house managing issues at McDonald’s and eBay.
Dzintars Dreibergs

Dzintars Dreibergs

Film Director

Communication by Film
Film Blizzard of Souls (Dveselu Putenis) has achieved records both in box office and audience, received awards locally and first international recognition but the most important aspect of the film is communication through experience. It is almost impossible to learn from another's mistakes however the film tries to do exactly that- if we associate ourselves with the main protagonist then there is a chance that we can experience his feelings and decisions through us. 
I will tell the story about the film's Blizzard of Soul attempts to communicate with an audience and challenges we faced and barriers we overcame by showing the inside facts of filmmaking.

After finishing prestigious business school, gaining a master degree in Economics, Dzintars continue his career in Price Waterhouse Cooper in the international business sector as a prospective auditor. After several years of established life, Dreibergs decided to follow his dream and become a filmmaker and started studies in Cultural Academy of Latvia and  Baltic Film and Media School, Estonia. 
Dzintars Dreibergs is a member of the Latvian Association of Cinematographers, and have gained extra education in courses as Berlin Talent Campus, Ex-oriente. Filmography “Dance with Me”,“VEF 54th season”, ‘’6th player’, “Flood and Solstice in "Straumēni", “What makes Man” He directed Latvian story "Microbe" within the large-scale International documentary project “15 Young by Young” (co-production
with Arte France) 
His experience with documentary filmmaking, allowed him to develop his own cinema language for one of the most ambitious project in Latvia film Blizzard of Souls that has broken all-time records in box office and attendance and still is available in cinemas. Film has received prestigious IMAGO nomination and starts its world journey this spring 

Anastasia Blokhina

Anastasia Blokhina

RIBOCA founder

Contemporary art: fighting snobbish attitudes and white cubes. Riboca story.

Contemporary art is the art of today. These artists work in a globally influenced, culturally diverse, and technologically advancing world. Anastasia Blokhina could be considered as one of the few voices for this type of art. But bringing contemporary art to Latvia was challenging at first. Where does contemporary art actually stand in Latvian society? How do we perceive and exploit it? These are just a few questions Anastasia will cover in this year's annual Mi:t&links conference “The Power of Communication”

Anastasia has gathered her experience in contemporary art from all over the world! She brings her international experience in project management and external relations to the Riga Biennial, for which she is responsible for managing and directing all operations.

She began her journey at St. Petersburg State University and graduated with honours. Continued with delivering large-scale visual arts projects across the world and after that, for 3 years she was the Director of External Communications at Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art, the biggest contemporary art museum in Russia. For 2 years she was the Director of YAY Gallery in Baku, Azerbaijan. Anastasia was also involved in Yarat’s project The Union of Fire and Water at Palazzo Barbaro at the 56th Venice Biennale. Now she lives and works in Riga and brings her valuable experience to the capital of Latvia.

Eva Juhņēviča

Eva Juhņēviča

Member of the board at Live Riga

How to unite nation in an egocentric world
2018 was a tremendous year for Latvia. We were celebrating the centenary of the Latvian state. Without doubt, this has been one of the most important celebrations in our history and a huge challenge for all communication professionals and organisers involved, especially Eva Juhņēviča, who was the Executive director of Latvian Song and Dance Festival - an event loved by the whole country. More than 43,000 participants, over 500,000 viewers, 8 days, 65 events, 23 venues in Riga.

"The main value of the Song and Dance Festival is the person whose affiliation is not determined by their national costume, singing and dancing skills, but their love for the Song and Dance Celebration. We wanted to address everyone with dignity and warmth, and invite everyone to experience the same emotions."

Eva Juhnevica is a communication specialist with more than 15 years of experience. who has gained experience working as the executive director of Latvian Song and Dance Festival. She’s grown to know the public sector as Head of the marketing department at Jurmala city council, and right now as the Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia. She is also a member of the board at Live Riga. Previously Eva has worked as the director of “McCANN Riga", board member of “Nords Events Communications", and as Head of the marketing and sponsoring department at “Nords Porter Novelli".
Kaspars Gorkšs

Kaspars Gorkšs

Member of UEFA Marketing Advisory Committee

Value based culture helps to make winners
"Values without practising them become just signs in the hallway. For a team to be successful it is not just writing on the wall or the first slide on every presentation you deliver. It is something that you need to believe in yourself and is based on the history and culture of the organisation you represent."

Kaspars Gorkšs breathes football and inspires it for qualitative change. He started his career as an athlete rather late, at the age of 12. Nevertheless, he had a chance to accomplish his childhood dream, become a professional football player and experience what it takes to be amongst the best. On three different occasions in his professional career, he got promoted to higher league together with “Blackpool FC”, “Queens Park Rangers” and “Reading FC” and managed to play in English Premier League. In 2005 he made his debut for Latvian National team, altogether playing for his country 86 times and captaining the team since 2008. After his career, he became president of the Latvian Football Federation, where he had to transform and accompany his passion for football and on-field skills with administrative knowledge and experience in sports management. Kaspars also continues being actively involved at UEFA Marketing Advisory Committee, developing marketing and commercial strategies for European football for period 2020-2028. His goal is to create a high-quality football/sports culture in Latvia, where it is a foundation for healthy and joyful youth as well as added value for the national economy in Latvia. Involvement in social projects like football training camps for kids and leadership camps for girls are just a few of projects where Kaspars has shared his experiences, enabled kids to gain international knowledge and introduced them to the variety of options that football has to offer.