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  • General information

    What is Mi:t&Links Baltic Communication awards?

    “Mi:t&links. Baltic Communication Awards” is the most important communications event in the Baltic Sea region and its neighboring countries for over 10 years. It offers the greatest challenges for industry professionals.

  • Application process

    Who can apply?

    The Competition is open to all parties involved in communication management (such as private
    company’s and public sector in-house PR/Communication departments, PR and communication agencies,
    digital, event, creative agencies, freelancers, etc.) from the from all countries of the world.

    When are the deadlines?

    During the submission period, there are three deadlines

    • Early Birds      28.12.2021, 15:59 EET 
    • Regular       03.02.2022, 15:59 EET
    • Late      16.02.2021, 15:59 EET 

    Keep in mind, submitting your cases later means you will have to pay extra for submitting the applications.

    What is the cost and payment method?


    • The first and the second entry submitted or changed during the early bird application period is subject to a fee of 175 euro + VAT 21% per entry. If three or more entries are submitted the price is 130 euro + VAT 21% per entry.
    • The first and the second entry submitted or changed during the regular application period are subject to a fee of 230 euro + VAT 21% per entry. If three or more entries are submitted the price is 175 euro + VAT 21% per entry.
    • The first and the second entry submitted or changed during the late application period subject to a fee of 285 euro + VAT 21% per entry. If three or more entries are submitted the price is 225 euro + VAT 21% per entry.
    • The exception is the “No budget” category where no fee will be applied to the entries. However, these entries will not be included in the total count of the entries where charges are applied.
    • The entries should be made in full as described above. For amending incomplete entries or making changes, the entrant will be charged with an additional 50 euro + VAT 21% per entry.
    • Tickets for shortlisted presentations, conference and awards ceremony are sold separately or could be bought as a Full Package (all three events for one lower price).
    Tickets for shortlisted presentations and award ceremony is sold separately or could be bought as a Full Package.
    All payments must be made via card or bank transfer – we kindly ask you to pay via card. If it is not possible, please note – before you submit your case, we automatically generate an invoice. You can use the invoice as the basis for your transfer.
    The entries completed online shall not be considered complete until the entry fee has been fully paid by February 21, 2022. The date may change if the application period is extended.

    What period is relevant for the campaigns?

    All campaigns submitted for the Competition must have been completed by January 31st, 2022.
    The only exception is the “Issue and Crisis” and “Storytelling” category where submitted campaigns can be implemented between January 1, 2017, and January 31st, 2022 (however, only entries previously not submitted to the Competition will be accepted).

    How many categories can I apply for?

    One Project can be entered into up to a maximum of three different categories. The Entrant must supply a separate entry form and set of materials for each entry and pay for all submitted entries. You must also tailor each entry to suit the category you are entering rather than submit the same entry in multiple categories.

    What formats are accepted for the upload materials?

    For each entry, you must supply a visual presentation board on one page as a summary of the entry in the following formats:

    • 297 mm x 420 mm, *jpg or *png, with maximum file size 1,5 Mb (horizontal orientation).
    • A print-quality PDF file of the same presentation board (horizontal orientation), with maximum file size 45 Mb (horizontal orientation).
    • Presentation slides – in *.pdf and *.ppt format (keynote or any other “iOS” specific formats are not accepted)
    • Video presentations – in mp4 format as separate video files not as Youtube, Vimeo etc. links;
    • Images – in *.jpg or *.png format.

    What do I need for the final presentation?

    • Every finalist has the right to choose the most effective way of their presentation (products, interactive installations, etc. can be used in the process).
    • As Shortlisted presentations will take place live & online, then the Contestant is responsible to chose a presentation format that in his or her mind will be most effective in this case.
    • The total time for presentation is 10 minutes, which includes 4 minutes of entrants’ presentation and 6 minutes of Q&A session with the jury. As the presentations, will take place live & online, if the Contestant’s presenter exceeds the 4-minute time limit, the Organizers hold the right to mute the Contestant.
    • Upon request of the Organizers, the Contestants must provide information of a maximum of 2-3 persons who are presenting the Shortlisted case.
    • The Organizers of the Competition 2-3 days before the presentation day will provide access information for the presenters only. The viewers will receive another access information.
    • The Organizers of the Competition are responsible for ensuring an online platform for live presentation, while the Presenter is responsible for launching their presentations, and stable internet connection. Before the Shortlisted presentation, the Organizers shall provide guidelines to ensure quality process and presentations.

  • Judging process

    Who is on the jury?

    Our jury consists of high-class professionals who create changes and set trends in the industry daily. They are the ones who can look at things both analytically and creatively. 20 members in the Competition's jury will help to recognize PR excellence this year - five from Latvia, five from Estonia, five from Lithuania, and five international members - from business, state administration, academic environment, creative industries, and non-governmental organizations.

    How are the applications/cases evaluated?

    • In the first evaluation stage, an online Jury of experts will assess the projects and announce four shortlisted entries in 18 categories.
    • The entry is shortlisted if it receives at least 25 points.
    • In the second evaluation stage, the Jury will publicly assess the shortlisted projects based on the presentations given by the Entrants and select the winner in each of the categories.

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